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Comedienne/Actress Christel Bartelse talks to women about their experience in the world of motherhood. 


 Cyndi and Jessi take to the streets of Toronto to hear the stories of it's dwellers. 


Anthropology expert Lindsay and theater extraordinaire Logan will teach you about all the folklore you didn't know you didn't know  about.


Matt and Joseph are seasoned gamers and have plenty to say about what makes gaming great. 


Gery Woelfel is a professional Sports Journalist with industry insights and contacts well worth any sports fan's time.

Actual Testimonies:

  • "Duck, you're good." -Gatekeeper.

  • "Someday you won't have time for me." -Person who believes in me.

  • "What am I paying you for?!?" -Former client.

No genre off limits, try me!

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Joseph talks to people with a platform that defends freedom of speech, for better and for worse. 

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Eli Jakeman talks to members of the sex industry to talk about the millions of ways sex and life interact. 

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