Award Nominated Work

Flexible Rates

Negotiations on a client to client basis. 

Willing to do flat rates, pay for the day, monthly packages, pay for time. 

Also open to barter, cryptocurrency, quid pro quo and payment plans. 

Services Include:

1) Audio Editing, Mixing and Mastering

Podcasts are the specialty, but I can also do sketches, voice overs, even sound effects.

2) Creative Consultation

Lets help you develop the idea, no matter what state it's in. 

3) Publishing

Lets get your work out there.

In person / In Studio

Toronto and GTA creators rejoice, the studio can come to you. 

-Three Zoom H2Ns.

-2 1080P 60 FPS Cameras.

-Able to Mix and Master on site. 

Creative insight and support on site is a given.

The work speaks for itself.

All KIDding Aside

Comedienne/Actress Christel Bartelse talks to women about their experience in the world of motherhood. 

Vest of Friends Podcast

Marc Hallworth and Morgan George form The Vest of Friends, a hilarious sketch comedy troupe from Toronto. Their podcast brings on fellow sketch comedians for weekly laughter. 

The Potato Files

Comedian Jeff Paul brings his comedian friends to ask them questions about their lives that wouldn't be asked at a bar. 

Strangers We Know

Cyndi and Jessi take to the streets of Toronto to hear the stories of it's dwellers.

Speech Bubble

Aaron Broverman meets with the luminaries and legends of the comic world in Toronto and beyond. 

We're Not Pros

Matt and Joseph are seasoned gamers and have plenty to say about what makes gaming great. 

"Duck, you're good!" -actual testimony

No genre off limits, try me!

Talk 'N Wrestling

Comedian Casey Corbin loves to talk about wrestling, and whether he's with friends or his heroes, it shows. 

Ross Never Sleeps

Alex Ross is on the hunt for the sharpest minds in the creative industry. 

Speaking Duck

Toronto is home to some of the best chefs and Speaking Duck interviews them with great relish.

Sex and Life

Eli Jakeman talks to members of the sex industry to talk about the millions of ways sex and life interact. 

sp411 podcast

How well do you know the world of sex workers? Listen to the lovely ladies of the industry, you'd be pleasantly surprised. 

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